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"Ladies and gentlemen oh and children alike welcome to the captial of my new city- Robotropolis

Dr Ivo Eggman Robotnik


Hmm short but sweet huh doctor? well Im HMS the creator of this website and Dr Robotnik's assistant. Here on this website you will find the sprite comic known as Blue Storm. On this website you can read the latest Issue of the comic, Read Character Biographys, catch up with previous Issues. Get a sneak preview at what's gonna be going down in the next issue. Get the lowdown on people who without there help the comic never would exist.

Leave a comment for me in the comments section. and eventually a place to locate the sprites I have created such as the Metallixes/HMS and Family/STC Cast and many more.


Thats it for now but Issue 9 is on the way so stay tuned Storm Readers


HMS (AKA Chris Harding)